Monday, February 02, 2009

Snow Snow Snow


While the UK crumbles (*cough*) under the weight of that fluffy white stuff, it’s been an interesting morning following everyone’s experiences of this mildly unusual weather on Twitter. Twitter let’s people contribute to a particular conversion by adding a keyword to their tweets. In this case, #uksnow shows you what’s happening.

One enterprising twitter user (Ben Marsh) created a mashup (link) which allowed twitter users to rate the snow in their area. Although cool (sorry!), this is also rather subjective (rate your snow out of 10) where average snow depths might have captured more interesting data for budding meteorologists to play with.

I took part by contributing my evening and morning shots of the local weather. Twitter was also helpful in finding out what was happening with South West Trains (whose website couldn’t handle this morning’s load).

Although twitter is obviously useful, I’m not sure how much we should trust a single company to manage the site if it became more essentially (XMPP FTW). Then again, most of us are already dependent on Google to make the web useful.

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