Tuesday, November 27, 2007

ITunes Tag Helper

While messing around trying to fix-up some song tags in ITunes at the weekend I threw (kinda literally) together a little project which makes use of the ITunes COM API - the ITunes Tag Helper. At the moment this pathetic little application has only 1 feature. It can look at the artist tag against all your tracks and if they are in the format QUEENS OF THE STONEAGE, will change them to Queens Of The Stoneage. Win32 binaries (version can be downloaded here. The source code (available under GPL3) can be found as part of the Google Code Project. If you have any ideas for the project then feel free to drop me an E-mail or raise a Type-Enhancement issue over at Google Code. Usually disclaimer that this was built in a very short space of time and will probably crash on your system. It's only been run on Windows Vista and ITunes Backup your ITunes library before running some random code against it.

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