Saturday, February 03, 2007

Chris Long comments on Vista

An article on the BBC News website caught my eye earlier. Chris Long gives a list of people who he thinks will be interested in the launch of Windows Vista.
I've made a list of the people that the launch was really of interest to. It's not a long one.
  • 1 - people who are thinking of buying a new PC
  • 2 - technology managers who have to install it in offices
  • 3 - geeks
  • And that's about it.
    I think he's missed one important person - anyone who ever uses a PC. The majority of people I know spend a lot of time working on a PC running Microsoft Windows. The launch of a new version of Windows (the first since October 2001!) which undoubtly will be adopted on the majority of desktops over the coming years is important technology news. Another point included is related to the DRM features of Vista.
    plus it doesn't let you watch High Def video for which the copyright has been broken.
    Windows Vista can not stop you watching High Def video for which the copyright is broken. The problem is that Windows Vista will reduce the quality of any protected media which does not follow a protected path. So if your amplifier / monitor don't have the minimum DRM capabilities, the quality of the audio or video will be degraded even if the hardware is more than capable of handing the higher quality. That DRM-less high end audio system might not sound good on Vista. That said, Chris makes a good point regarding the price of Vista in dollars being almost the same as the price of Vista in pounds. This despite the current 1:1.9 exchange rate. Vista is here. Everyone will eventually upgrade. In a few years time Microsoft will release another version of Windows. Apple will continue to gain market share.

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