Sunday, September 17, 2006

Walk along the river

Dani visited this weekend. He's making the most of his time before starting his new job on Thursday. We met on Saturday to go shopping for presents for Shelley in Reading. Reading, although it isn't *that* bad, can be summarised by the following pan - taken on the roof of the town's Oracle shopping centre car park. Dani came back to ours and watched Hustle and Flow - a film about life in the ghetto ("Everybody gotta have a dream"). On Sunday, we all went for a walk along the Thames and took 700(!) megabytes worth of photographs including the pan below. Tomorrow it's back to work. It's the "early" shift for me so have to be in just before 7am. This means leaving the house at 06:30. I'm currently in the middle of moving jobs from Technical Support to Software Development (at the same company) and so will do Technical Support until 09:00 and development for the rest of the day. So it's time for bed now if I'm going to wake up in time.


Steve said...

what do you use to put your pans together?

Iain said...

Autostitch (based on your link to it from your pans when you went for a walk with the Mrs).